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Tanning Lotions – Attain Potent Hydration With Hemp


Hemp seed oil is the main ingredient in hemp tanning lotions. This powerful active ingredient is what makes this product different from the other lotions. It is a humectant that provides the ultimate hydrating feel to the user. This power to hydrate comes from its capability to pull moisture from the air. This is the reason why more and more products and moisturizers today are increasingly using it in their formulations. 

Hemp Oil In Tanning Lotions

It is used in creams along with other ingredients like Vitamin E and copper to give the skin a smooth and a hydrated feel. This combination forms a strong chemical bond that is added to products for maximum effect. What’s more, the high content of fatty acid helps seal the moisture content and reduces the damaging effects of products. It also counteract the drying effect of tanning on the skin.

The presence of Vitamin E and hemp oil also prevents the formation of wrinkles and fines lines thus helping the skin to have a soft and a fresh texture. So, if you are tired of fighting the side effects of tanning moisturizers, switch to one that contains hemp oil.


Hemp tanning lotions help:

  • Moisturize the skin.
  • Protect the skin cells from destruction caused due to harsh chemicals present in tanning products.
  • Amplify the tan.
  • Provide better nutrition for the skin for overall development.

Best Time To Apply Hemp Oil Lotions

One should apply it at least an hour before entering a tanning booth. This helps the cream penetrate the skin better before the actual process starts.

Hope the above mentioned information would help you to differentiate between the various products. Don’t wait any longer. Go get one of the best hemp tanning lotions available and pamper yourself.


Source by Bruce D Hunter