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Symptoms for Cancer


When I started to research cancer after I started to feel ill a few years ago I noticed a few distinct categories.

The cancer would always fall in four to five categories. They are Leukemia, Lymphomas, Sarcomas and Carcinomas. The fifth is Melanomas or just skin type cancer’s. Some will say Adenocarcinoma is on the list instead of the skin cancers, so we will just leave it at these 6 categories.

If you are feeling really ill and weak a definite action to take is to rule out cancer especially if the symptoms last for a lengthy period of time. Symptoms to look for cancer would be weakness, paleness, fever and flu-like symptoms that wont go away. This could be a sign of cancer in your blood or bone marrow which is basically your immune system.

Symptoms for cancer in the bones could be the most obvious, bone pain. Common areas for cancer to start are the thigh bones or long bones. Also in the long bones of the arms which is the forearm area. If the bone pain is not noticeable in normal situations like watching TV or walking but is aggravated when picking something up or when walking up a flight of stairs where the legs have to bend and put stress on the thighs, that is definite sign to get yourself checked.

My thigh bone pain is what set me to investigate the possibilities of cancer in my body. I was hiking to a waterfall on my 40th birthday and the bone pain in my legs was getting worse. I had noticed it before but decided to ignore it. That was the tipping point, the pain was too much for hiking rather than just walking around the house and I decided to get myself to a doctor.

I ignored the pain for 2 years because it was slight and it had a gradual build up as I was too busy working to go to a health provider. That was my first mistake, I almost waited for too long to get myself checked. The cancer discovered was Lymphoma that had spread to my bones. The treatments and procedures I experienced to get well and are currently still doing will be shared in another article. The focus for this article will be for symptoms for cancer so you the reader will not avoid what your body is telling you.

Other symptoms to be aware of also are rectal bleeding, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, constipation alternating with diarrhea, weight loss and weakness with pale complexion. These can be general symptoms for many disease but the difference with cancer is they usually get worse and do not resolve itself like the flu will.

As common sense dictates concerning lumps or masses in any part of the body they must be taken seriously. The masses that do not go away and that have a strange type of pain you have not experienced before must be an area of concern for you. I had a small bump on the side of my head above my ear in the hair that kept getting bigger and had pain involved when touched. After a checkup and biopsy it turned about to be a type of skin cancer and was promptly removed. I also ignored this for about two and half years until it got to about an inch in size.

Cancer is very common today with all the chemicals, heavy metals and dyes used in today’s goods and food. Knowing this and knowing some symptoms for cancer it should be imperative to protect yourself and the things around you (cancer causing products). To prevent cancer do a self-diagnoses for symptoms and be aware of the chemicals you use and the foods you eat. You are the one who knows your self the best.

Do research on the internet of your symptoms. Don’t be afraid to check with your health care provider even if you have to tell them what you have found on the internet concerning what your body is telling you.

I have a growing list of symptoms for cancer that is available for those who might need a quick list to look over.


Source by Terry Mattingly