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Smoking Marijuana And The Risks Of Schizophrenia


There is a legitimate and casual link between smoking  marijuana  and increased rates of psychosis and schizophrenia later in life, and a number of different and independent clinical studies have come to these same conclusions.

If you smoke as a teenager, you are between 2 and 3 times more likely to experience clinical psychosis disorders later in life, and the younger you start smoking, the greater your chance of developing a schizophrenic like disorder.

Secondly, those people who experience a  marijuana  induced psychotic reaction, (a temporary break with reality while high after smoking  marijuana ) have about a 50% chance of developing full blown schizophrenia within the following three years.

A causal link to schizophrenia

Researchers have concluded that use is casually linked to the development of schizophrenia, but is not a sole cause, and exists as a component cause amongst many different other factors. Still, after methodologies which examining the data on  marijuana  use and schizophrenia, they have determined that if use could be eliminated, there would be an 8% reduction in the cases of later in life schizophrenia, which would be a very significant public health victory.

Schizophrenia remains a poorly understood disease, and the causes that lead to its emergence remain obscured. Researchers suggest that smoking increases the risks of disease expression on people already vulnerable to contract the disease, but who will not necessarily contract the disease.

 Marijuana  psychosis means a 50% chance of later schizophrenia

This is indicated by those people who do experience a  marijuana  induced psychotic episode.  Marijuana  psychosis is not a common occurrence, but does happen and it seems to happen in people already at risk to develop psychosis like disorders later in life.

What seems to be happening though with  marijuana  induced psychosis is that although the symptoms of the drug induced psychosis will disappear quickly after the effects of the  marijuana  wear off, it seems to speed up the expression of the schizophrenia by many years. Patients who do experience a psychosis, on average will present with schizophrenic symptoms years before those people who do not experience a  marijuana  induced psychosis.

If you do have a  marijuana  induced psychotic reaction, you are very at risk for later in life schizophrenia, you will probably come down with schizophrenia sooner, and you should take steps to preempt the disease before it emerges. Talk to your doctor about this.

 Marijuana  causes 8% of all schizophrenia

The vast majority of smokers will not develop schizophrenia as a result of their use, but if we could somehow eliminate the use of the drug, we would see an almost 10% reduction in the prevalence rates of tragic and life changing schizophrenia.

Scientists working on these studies point to the widespread usage of the drug as a problem, and conclude that we as a society are very unlikely to eliminate the usage any time soon. They conclude that for the best public health effects, at risk youth need to be targeted and hopefully deterred from smoking it.

Parents need to keep teens safe from  marijuana 

For a number of reasons, parents need to be very concerned about use by young teens. It seems as though if parents can keep kids from experimenting with the drug until the age of 18, they spare their children an enormous risk to schizophrenia, and these kids are at a far lower chance to ever develop any real substance abuse problems.

Because  marijuana  use amongst younger teens is on the rise, the study authors predict that in the coming decades we will see an increases in rates of schizophrenia.


Source by Christian Shire