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Quitting Marijuana With Auto-Suggestion And Affirmation


If you are serious about quitting  marijuana , then you should seriously consider using the power of auto-suggestion to change your thought patterns. With self-suggestion you will be able to to program your subconscious mind with the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you want for yourself as you become a non smoker. From the steps of successful affirmation, suggestions for quitting pot, and re-enforcing your new self. This article will introduce you to using affirmations to help yourself quit cannabis.

Step 1 – Plan

In order to be successful at using affirmations you need a clear step by step game plan. You need to set a time aside where you can speak your affirmations out loud every single day for at least one month. It is best to write your affirmations down first and then as you memorize them you can recite them in your own words. If you can say your affirmations out loud everyday for more then twenty one days, you will find this to be incredibly powerful.

Step 2 – Act

Say out loud so you can hear your own voice the following:

“I know that I have the ability to quit  marijuana  now. Therefore I demand of myself persistence and continuous action toward the goal of quitting  marijuana  today. I am making a promise to myself that I can and will quit”

We now know that through the principal of affirmation and suggestion that the repeated act of desire towards your goal will eventually become physical reality. Therefore it is suggested that you spend up to thirty minutes each and every single day, and spend that time on thinking of the weed free person you intend to become. As you affirm your objective of quitting pot, make a clear mental picture of this person you are becoming.

As you practice this you will find it works in a predictable way. As you continually and repeatedly hold in your mind the image of your new self, you will find that you slowly and automatically transform your reality in positive ways. Therefore it is important to spend ten minutes of each day, demanding of yourself the will power and self confidence to quit  marijuana .

Step 3 – Commit

In order to commit yourself even more to this process, be sure to get it down on paper. Write down a description of your goal to quit  marijuana  and promise to never stop trying, until you have developed the will power to quit. It will be something you can go back to. Especially at those times when you feel like giving up.

Step 4 – Reward Yourself With Reinforcement

Lastly, you will want to remind yourself daily about some of the basics of affirmation. Just remember that affirmations will continue to work for you as long as you only use them in ways that benefit yourself and every one around you. You will eventually attract to yourself the events, places, and things you will need to use, as well as the cooperation of other people. Remember to develop within yourself a love for all people, and especially love for yourself. You will find that people are more then willing to help you, because you are the type of person who is helpful towards others.

Have your personal statement of affirmation on you at all times, and sign your name to it. Be sure to commit it to memory and repeat it out loud every day. Use your faith and your emotions, and you will find that you gradually influence your own actions, quit smoking  marijuana , and become and successful and independent person. Remember the steps for affirmation, give yourself the best suggestions for quitting pot, and make it a habit. You will find that you naturally create a plan for quitting and follow that plan by using affirmation and auto-suggestion.


Source by Peter Hill