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Oil Me Up


Ever since the days of Cleopatra, humans have been obsessed with beauty. A clear complexion speaks a wealth about you: it gives the instant impression of inner health and makes you look ‘clean’. But how easy is it to maintain a glowing complexion when the air is filled with pollutants, the food we eat is largely processed, and most skincare products are filled with chemicals that are advertised as being ‘youth giving’ but in reality are probably doing us no good whatsoever.

The answer, is oil.

Natural oils can work wonders for skin health and not only do they help regulate your sebaceous glands, but some of them contain anti-aging properties that could put many high end cosmetic companies out of business – and they’re a lot less expensive. Ideally you want to avoid lathering chip fat on your face, but feed it with cold-pressed organic oils like sweet almond, rose hip or avocado. Sounds like a great salad dressing (which it probably is), but the beauty of using oil as skincare, is that not only will it remove the most stubborn waterproof mascara within seconds, but it can help keep your cheeks, chin and neck perfectly plump while soothing the delicate eye area – all in one swipe!

Of course, before you head to the health food shop and part with your hard earned cash (natural oils range between $4.50 – $40), glowing skin relies on using the right oil. Teenagers with pimple-prone skin should steer clear of avocado, macadamia or hemp oil and stick to lighter oils with naturally healing elements, like sweet almond. Those with mature skin or people wanting to reduce stretchmarks will benefit from using a combination of blends to moisturize and reduce redness at the same time. All you need to do is work out which oil is most beneficial for your skin type and start looking forward to regaining your natural beauty…

Jojoba Oil

Best for: Problem Skin

Jojoba (pronounced yo-hoba) is the closest oil to our own natural sebum which means it absorbs really well and is ideal for people with acne. Because of its natural properties, jojoba can help to clear pores by removing grime, leaving your face feeling super soft and pimple free. Essential oils can be added to create a powerful anti-acne blend, but even used alone, this oil can help treat the most troublesome skin types due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Sweet Almond Oil

Best for: Everyday Moisturizer

Used by many massage therapists as a carrier oil, almond oil is fairly light and absorbs beautifully into the skin. It can be used as an all-over body moisturizer or purely on the face alone. Pressed from the almond kernel, this nut oil has no aroma but is filled with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. If your skin is classed as combination or normal, this is the one for you.

Rose hip Oil

Best for: Anti-aging

Hailed for its anti-aging properties, rose hip is so much more that that. Just a couple of drops of this youth potion can help reduce wrinkles and after a few weeks of using it every day, you should begin to see some plumping of the skin. Great for reducing scars and stretch marks, rose hip could be described as the mother oil, as it’s great for mums – and grandmums!

Avocado oil

Best for: Eczema and Mature Skin

Eating avocado is well known to provide the body rich essential fatty acids that can help to keep skin looking healthy and young. But the oil itself is great for regenerating the skin and can soften even the toughest elbows and knees! The anti-itch properties make it a hit for those with eczema and psoriasis and its rich texture make it perfect for combating the signs of aging.

The beauty of oils is they can turn an everyday facial routine into a day spa experience, simply by adding a few drops of essential oil which are full of skin-boosting properties. (A general guideline for blends is 1 drop of essential oil per 4ml of carrier oil.) We’ve put together some of our fave blends so why not treat yourself to a steam facial and finish off with a natural oil moisturizer that will last for ages and have your friends wondering how come you look so good…

Dry/Mature skin

Avocado/Rose hip

Blend with: Frankincense, geranium, sandalwood, rose


Sweet almond oil/jojoba

Blend with: Ylang ylang, tangerine, sandalwood, lemon



Blend with: Sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, patchouli


Sweet almond

Blend with: Lavender, frankincense, tea tree, sandalwood, Neroli


Sweet almond/jojoba

Blend with: Patchouli, myrrh, lemongrass/citronella

Scarring/stretch marks

Rose hip

Blend with: Palmarosa, frankincense, German chamomile, everlasting, myrrh

Knowing that oil doesn’t necessarily create blemishes but can actually help get rid of them can change your life, and finally discovering an anti-aging treatment that doesn’t cost the earth or involve surgery can be liberating for both your skin and your wallet!

Of course don’t just believe what we say, try using a natural oil on its own, or create one of the blends above that suits your skin type. After 12 weeks of use look in the mirror and see if you notice a difference? Depending on your skin to start with, you could well be amazed at the results.

Natural beauty – it’s oil in a day’s work…


Source by Hannah Hempenstall