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Medical Marijuana Laws In California


In the US, more than 12 states have already legalized the use of  marijuana  for medicinal purposes. The Compassionate Use Act, 1996 or the Proposition 215 is a Californian law concerning the use of cannabis for medicinal purpose. This act was enacted on the 5th of November, 1996 and passed with 55.6% votes which were in favor of the act against 44.4% votes which were against the act. Basically, this Act states that people have the right to make use of  marijuana  for  medical  reasons if the use has been deemed appropriate and is recommended by a health professional.

 Medical   marijuana  laws in California state that the person intending to make use of the substance must obtain a license. To do so, the person must find out what regulations his county has as the  Medical   Marijuana  Program functions at the county level and not at the state level. The person intending to use  marijuana  must complete a form and get a written recommendation from a licensed physician. Obtaining a license for  marijuana  use for medicinal purpose is quite easy and recommendation from qualified physicians can be obtained if you have a genuine need to make use of the substance.

After the Compassionate Use Act was introduced, a large number of  medical   marijuana  dispensaries have been established in California. Here, anyone who has a license can purchase herbs and goods containing  marijuana . Although  medical   marijuana  laws in California permit an individual to make use of the substance, federal law lists this substance as illegal. There are many people who have faced criminal charges for possessing  marijuana . However, if you want to be at the safe side, it is important that you obtain a license and possess the quantity that is allowed.

Some of the conditions for which use of  medical   marijuana  has been approved in California include AIDS, Arthritis, Cancer, Migraine, Severe Nausea, Glaucoma, Chronic Pain, Anorexia, Seizures, Cachexia and other chronic conditions.


Source by Jasmin Z