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Marijuana Detoxification – 3 Ways to Cleanse Your Body and Mind


Marijuana detoxification is something you’re going to have to face if you’re planning to quit smoking marijuana. In case you don’t know, it’s not enough to just stop smoking. You actually have to make sure you get rid of all those nasty chemicals floating around in your body as well as the psychological attachments you still might have to the drug. Here are three things you can do to really make sure that your marijuana detoxification goes as smoothly as possible.


One thing that is definitely helpful is meditation. The reason for this is that meditation helps you to regain control over your mind and make sure you don’t experience a relapse. After all, you might still be tempted to smoke even after you quit, so being able to control those temptations is absolutely crucial and that’s when meditation proves helpful. Deep breathing is a great stress reliever and helps you manage the anxiety that sometimes appears when you first quit.

Of course, if you combine it with proper work out, it will work even better. This brings us to our next item


Working out is great for marijuana detoxification. The reason for this is that if you exercise, you’ll not only get your mind distracted and thinking about things other than dope, but you’ll also regulate your metabolism which will be helpful in cleaning out your system. Of course, as you probably know already, you want to do all you can to get rid of all the poison that’s floating around in your veins and eating well and exercising will do that trick just fine.

You have to make sure that your workout program is suited to your general health condition. You don’t want to start lifiting weights now if you’ve never done this before. Your goal is get back in shape but make sure that your body has the energy and resources needed to perform the marijuana detoxification.

Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

Get A Healthy Diet

Obviously, you want to eat well. Again, as I mentioned before this is needed to supply your body with all it needs to fight with the dope left overs, but it will also give you a nice substitute for all those substances you’re getting rid off now.

Just be sure that whatever you do, your diet is healthy. This means you should definitely go low on sugars and fats as they have a harmful effect on you. Instead you should focus on eating vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Just do a quick search for a low fat diet using Google and you’ll be just fine.

As you go through the marijuana detoxification, don’t forget about the three tips I shared with you above. They helped me and numerous other people. I am sure they’ll help you too.


Source by John A Mckee