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Marijuana Addiction Treatment


Marijuana addiction is real and a lot of people get into trouble because they try to minimize their addiction to marijuana on the grounds that it is not a “hard” drug. This is not a good justification and marijuana is very addictive in some cases and can ruin lives just like with any other drug. While the drug may not be very physically addictive, it is very addictive from an emotional, social, and psychological perspective.

People who use marijuana on a daily basis are using it to medicate their emotions and avoid reality in a very unhealthy way, and this level of addiction can and does lead to all sorts of problems. Even if marijuana were free, legal, and had no health side effects whatsoever, it would still be a very big problem from an addiction standpoint because people would still use it to self medicate with. This leads to psychological problems that can only be addressed through abstinence and recovery.

Because of this, marijuana addiction treatment is necessary for some people to address their problem. What is really needed is abstinence followed by a new way to live and a new way to cope with reality. The recovering marijuana user can no longer turn to getting high as a way to deal with problems or emotions. As such, treatment needs to be a learning and living experience where addicts can practice a new way of living that does not involve getting high, and also learns new ways of dealing with problems so that they can remain clean over the long run.


Source by Patrick Meninga