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How You Can Use Hypnosis To Quit Marijuana


For many years now, hypnosis has been shrouded in mystery. The reality of the situation is that it is just a very powerful way of using your imagination and your day dreams to assist you in making changes. Today it is being used to help people quit smoking cannabis and to take back control. From what hypnosis is, to how it deals with the subconscious mind, to who is in control during the session. This article will be an introduction to using hypnosis and self-hypnosis to quit  marijuana .

For many people when they think about the subject of hypnosis they think about the popular stage acts that cross the country. These performers use hypnosis as a framework around a show that uses the audience to preform various feats, jokes and acts. Other people think of the movies where a hypnotist is able to completely control another person with his influence and power, even in unethical ways. In the context of therapy, self improvement, and using hypnosis to quit smoking pot, this is all completely different.

The Basics Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is nothing more then a very powerful and effective way of using the imagination to accomplish certain things. The definition of hypnosis is generally accepted as the bypassing of the critical factor of the mind, so that communication can happen with the other deeper subconscious mind. To help a person quit weed, hypnosis is used to bypass the part of their mind that might think, reason, evaluate or judge the powerful suggestions they receive during the session. This way, the suggestions are accepted and acted upon not by the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind.

The Deep Subconscious Mind

The unconscious part of your mind is the part that deals with your breathing. It keeps your heart beating and all your senses awake and aware, even when your conscious mind is off somewhere doing something else. When you drive a car, it is the unconscious parts of the mind that takes care of all the things going on around you. This way you can still carry on a conversation while driving down the road at 100 kilometers an hour. When a hypnotist tells a client to “Sleep!”, instantly the conscious mind is suspended long enough that they can listen to the suggestions and install the new believes that force them to quit smoking cannabis. When it is done properly the effect is almost instant. However there are many people who have a fear about losing control while in trance.

Fears And Misconceptions: Who In Control?

The reality of the situation is that a person’s main resistance to going into a trance and accepting suggestions to quit  marijuana  is fear. The more fear a person feels about being hypnotised, the more challenge they will have to endure to change themselves. The fact remains that all hypnosis is really just self-hypnosis, the trick is eliminating the fears and the misconceptions before hand. In the end it is only you that can change and heal yourself. You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself.

If you believe in yourself enough to take the advice and suggestions from someone who knows how to help you, quitting pot will be easier then you ever imagined. When you understand exactly what hypnosis is, how it powerfully affects your subconscious mind, and how ultimately it is only you in control. You can understand one thing, that you and only you can grant a hypnotist permission to help you to make the change.


Source by Peter Hill