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Buy CBD Oil Wholesale

Buy CBD Oil Wholesale

Interested in buying Bulk CBD Oil or becoming a Wholesaler For Private Labeling?

We are interested in working with a select group of businesses that share our core values and align with our business philosophy.

The Cannabis extracts we provide are unique in process fully endorsed by doctors. Depending on what product you want to formulate different types of extracts have different advantages. We offer over 23 CBD Oils, Lotions, Creams, and VAps to choose from.


We extract cannabis using CO2 and this results in an extract that’s dense like a paste. The extract from the first extraction is a thick, golden colored gel. The process can vary in % of CBD and CBD a from 4%(CBD) to 33%(CBD).

Buy CBD Oil Wholesale

The extract contains many waxes that makes the product like a paste. To remove the waxes we have two different approaches we call filtration:

Cold filtration
In Cold filtration we work with low temperatures and remove 1 type of waxes from the first extract, the result from this is more loose extract with a lower viscosity we call cold filtered cbd extract.

Buy CBD Oil Wholesale


By means of ongoing the purification process of our extracts we produce our 99% pure CBD Products, which will be used in various production applications we over for Private Label.