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A Frank Discussion About Holistic Alternative Medicine


Most discussion about holistic alternative medicine and its related alternative healing therapies stress a number of different bases with the accompanying representing an overview of the most commonly expressed opinions. It is a commonly held belief that psychological and physiological factors are interdependent during illness. These claims are often expanded upon in such a manner as to give dominance to mental factors. The prominence of the psychology and its part in natural holistic healing often stem from the belief that, for the most part, most individuals’ states of health and illness are psychosomatic. Using as a basis that the belief a person maintains regarding their state of health is influenced by all the forces that impinge on them, holistic alternative medicine practitioners assert that treatment of the individual’s health issue must be concerned with the whole person, which includes their body, mind, and spirit, in order for a complete healing to occur.

The goal then becomes to administer an alternative medicine homeopathic solution, focused on the restoration of balance and harmony within the patient’s life. The belief of the practitioner is, it is necessary to extend beyond just creating an absence or removal of the disease state and condition from the patient’s body, to creating and maintaining a state they often referred to as “wellness.” This state of wellness adds additional powers of resiliency, enabling the, now well body, to inhibit further episodes of that disease state. Within the holistic alternative medicine framework the patient must assume a more active role, accepting greater responsibility in their own health care.

Alternative healing therapies, for the most part, do not appear to violate the majority of tradition medicine clinical practices; yet most natural healing center practitioners position themselves in opposition to traditional scientific medicine. The mantra of the “poison, cut, and burn” practice of convention medicine, is bad, is rampant throughout their community. The advocates of holistic medicine defend their controversial and antiscientific philosophy and practices by referring to themselves and what they do as a new and alternative scientific medical paradigm.

While the crisis intervention emphasis of conventional medicine and doing battle with the disease or imminent threat to the patients’ life may sometimes result in other complications, it should not be overlooked that traditional medicine and its related technologies have created numerous procedures and techniques which allows ill individuals to continue to sustain life until their bodies are able to take over and heal themselves. Their involvement in today’s health community does definitely have its place. In situations of acute disease, major accidents emergencies, and wartime life-saving, they are the most successful of all healing methods. This should never be under-emphasized.

However, conventional medicine is a lot less successful in cases of chronic illness. The diseases related to aging and lifestyle, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, lower back pain, high blood pressure, coronary-artery disease, ulcers, hormone imbalance and a host of others. Generally in these instances, they initiate emergency measures which are usually not applicable for the condition and tend to overkill with treatments which do not allow the body to heal itself.

Holistic alternative medicine is based on the principle of stimulating and increasing the body’s inherent curative ability. Holistic alternative medicines act as a catalyst to the body’s immune system to wipe out the root cause of the discomfort. Although both medicinal systems use weak doses of a disease causing agent to stimulate the body’s immune defense against the illness, holistic healing uses plants, herbs, earth minerals and other alternative healing therapies for this stimulation, while conventional medicine uses viruses or chemicals.

Not every health problem requires costly, major medical attention and hospital stays. There is room and need for alternatives. While the best medicine of all is a sensible life style, with good healthy food, regular moderate exercise, and restful sleep, you still need to be re-educated about your health. Today’s health care consumers are less intimidated about doctors and disease. They are not only more aware of alternative healing therapy choices and more confident in their own self endowed healing strength, but also want to do something for them to get better. The time has clearly come for a partnership between the conventional and alternative health care professions. Now is the best time for a blended medical approach so that the healing resources from both sides can be optimally employed for the consumers over all wellness.


Source by G Harold